Non-Resident Nepali Association, USA

Non-Resident Nepali Association, USA (NRNA USA)

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Upcoming Events

28 April 2024
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

एनआरएनए अमेरिकाले आर्थिक ब्यवस्थापन सम्बन्धि वर्कसप शुरु गरेको छ। पहिलो वर्कशपः अप्रिल २८, आईतबार सांझ ८ बजे (पुर्विय समय)

16 March 2024
All day
Kathmandu, Nepal

NRNA 11th NRN Global Conference and International General Assembly (IGA)

“ About 20 years ago, Nepali people living abroad decided to establish a platform to collaborate themselves and form an institution called NRNA for unity and support to the country they all came from. Great things have happened during this period and the journey has proven that the diaspora has a lot to share among their counterparts across the globe and to the country they came from in establishing support for humanity during flood, earthquake and health crisis, technology sharing, remittance generation, education support and development of numerous social and physical infrastructure. ”

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