Non-Resident Nepali Association, USA

What is NRNA USA?

NRNA USA is a non-profit organization registered in the State of New York with a purpose of collaborating and building harmony among the people of Nepali origin living in the USA and working towards the institutional objectives.

Institutional Objectives

  1. Represent and promote the interest, rights, privileges, and immunities of NRNs in the United States and Nepal.
  2. Coordinate NRN resources in USA to facilitate, mobilize and conduct social activities to maintain and foster Nepali identity, international harmony, culture, language, sports, knowledge, skills, academic and professional advancements in USA.
  3. Raise, receive and manage funds, charities, and donations to carry out humanitarian causes directly or in cooperation with other national and global organizations or individuals in the USA and abroad.
  4. Encourage NRNs and facilitate their resources to contribute towards unity and socio-economic development of USA and Nepal including but not limited to creating social and economic investment platforms.
  5. To foster friendship and understanding between NRNs, Nepali Americans and friends of Nepal in the USA.
  6. Be liaison to ease Nepali diplomatic support to NRNs in USA and continue the initiatives in continuation of Nepali citizenship to the first-generation American citizens of Nepali Origin.
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