Non-Resident Nepali Association, USA

Message From President

Dear all,


About 20 years ago, Nepali people living abroad decided to establish a platform to collaborate themselves and form an institution called NRNA for unity and support to the country they all came from. Great things have happened during this period and the journey has proven that the diaspora has a lot to share among their counterparts across the globe and to the country they came from in establishing support for humanity during flood, earthquake and health crisis, technology sharing, remittance generation, education support and development of numerous social and physical infrastructure.

Human support has no dead-end. However, the intent and methods of delivery have options and variations. Besides, the Nepali diaspora has grown in shapes, sizes, interests, and capacities. At the same time, the needs – both internal and abroad – have changed. To make efficient collaboration between supply and demand of collective resources, a variety of opinions have emerged. The impact of these new opinions has brought more challenges in managing the organization structure and its leadership. The content and goals of the institution have never altered.

Our new NRNA leadership here in the USA was born with a turning-point challenge recently faced by the global institutional polarity where opinions were collectively in conflict due to the interests of people beyond the institutional circle. I personally feel lucky to be under a tree that values the culture of trust, faithfulness and institutional ethics, laws, and orders. While the resolution is in progress, we must also understand why we are here and what we can lose if we slow-down in our collective progress. We are American NRNs, equipped with the best ideals of life and access to technology in the world. We are capable and yes, we can make a difference to the society in need we represent and the beloved country we support. We don’t just let the opportunity go away, we grab it and shift to a path which is shorter, economic, social, and environmentally friendlier than before so we can reach the destination in an efficient manner.

I welcome you all to this new adventure of NRNA platform where everyone can contribute and take ownership. I mean it – each of will be the owner of this journey. Please look up to the goal post, be a part of it and share your vision. Two is better than one. Your presence matters. Let’s serve together and be thankful to our heritage.

Long live NRNA and thank you NRNA USA!

Surya Lamsal


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